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Performance Feature

 Performance Feature 
£¨1£©High efficiency and energy saving£ºThe full vehicle is only uses one main engine, no auxiliary engine, and fully utilizes the extra power of the main engine to improve the efficiency of the resource. 
£¨2£©High intellectualization£ºDue to the programmed automatic control technology, the operator can import the paving thickness, paving width and the ratio of the mixture, the parameters of the system can be calculated for each movement system, and can automatically perform;
£¨3£©The measurement system does not need to be re-calibrated£ºAdopting automatic control technology, the measurement system is not required to be re-calibrated when the mixing ratio is changed£» 
£¨4£©Accurate measurement£ºIt contains high precision import monitoring and measuring elements for aggregate, powder, water, asphalt, additives and fiber system.
£¨5£©Good paving quality£ºThe four helical fabric mechanism, which is fully symmetrical with the left and right sides. In the course of the paving, the spiral and the speed can be adjusted to realize the non-dead Angle, unsegregated fabric and second stirring.
£¨6£©Increased fiber function module, which can improve the performance of surface anti-reflective crack, extend the life of road surface and reduce the cost of maintenance.
£¨7£©The operation is conveniently and simplely: the whole process can be done by the operator on the post-operating platform£» 
£¨8£©High reliability: it has automatic and manual system, which can be used on the operating platform by hand.
£¨9£©The paving width and thickness can be adjusted£ºThe paving width can be adjustable in the range of 2.4 ~ 4.2 m, the paving thickness can be adjusted in the range of 5 to 15mm, the final thickness of the paving is depending on the grain size of the aggregate.
£¨10£©Wide range of application£ºThe car not only can be used for the pavement maintenance project of the thin slurry seal and micro-surface, but also can be used for the lower seal layer and the bridge section of the highly grade pavement construction.
£¨11£©Automatic alarm device£ºThe system can automatically alarm or stop , if any material is running out or run out.
£¨12£©Friendly interface£ºDuring the paving, the main construction parameters can be displayed at any time, and the parameters are recommended, and the parameters of the ingredients are monitored.

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